This is my wordpress blog, recording a lot of trivia. There is no advertising, no marketing, no interest.
But here I have to declare some of the possible problems, whether there will be a lot of those problems.

About my host and domain name.

1.Host: I use this host has been two years, did not encounter any problems during the period. Ximan is a very friendly person, encounter any problems, you can find him, and then solve the problem. Host speed is very stable and fast. Here recommend you try to use it.
2.Domain: It’s simple for

About my wordpress theme, and mobile terminal theme.

I use twentytwelve and refer :[Skins] /[Some functions] /[Some Js]
modify it, and made twentytwelve and twentymobile like this now. Thanks all.

Please do not contact me in the following cases.

1.Ad: I hate Ad very much, so you know…
2.Askfor: If you want to introduce any product for me, I will say no.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the following cases.

1.Make friend: If you don’t mind my poor English, you are welcome anytime.
2.Buy me dinner: I am glad to hear that :)

You can contact me in the following Email address.